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Report of accident prevention training

(November, 2018, Hanazono)

#Saitama Truck Integrated Training Center #Safety Training #Traffic Safety
Accident prevention training was conducted in Saitama-ken truck overall education center on November 27 the 4th time. This training is being put into effect several times a year as a part of driver's safe driving skill improvement and match for accident eradication.

More than one, it was possible to experience the danger which can't be experienced in usual, and it "was study even in some training contents very much" from drivers, the item from which I received an opinion, "skid run".

I water a course for training and complete the situation which tends to be very slippery artificially. There is run at a track and "※ hydroplaning phenomenon" is experienced. The mental attitude to sense and evade the dealing when being to experience danger with a possibility which occurs by a run at the time of bad weather and being in such state, and dangerous circumstances beforehand is learned.

※ Hydroplaning phenomenon
The phenomenon when running a wet road surface at high speed, which will be in the state which rose by water film's forming between the tire and the road surface, and can't control any more the handle and a brake.