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About Marutake

Company's outline and establishment, management policy etc.



The Marutake Transport Group will pursue the happiness of all employees, and will provide lifelines for food and supplies and contribute to the development of society.


「Become the company of choice from customers most」
「Become the company with the highest employee satisfaction」
「Aim for sales of 10 billion yen in 2030」

11 values

  • 01. Greeting
  • We will smile brightly and greet everyone with a smart greeting.
  • 02. Familiarity and courtesy
  • We always try ourselves to have a good impression with a clean feeling and a polite attitude, both inside and outside the company.
  • 03. Appreciation
  • We value our gratitude daily from day to day and thank you for expressing gratitude with words of "Thank you".
  • 04. Teamwork
  • We are one team. We value our ties with trustworthy fellows and aim for companies that can mutually acknowledge each other and improve.
  • 05. How to work
  • We will do quick and courteous work with safety first. And we will respond with sincere sincerity from the customer's point of view.
  • 06. Goals for work
  • We are aiming for a company that is needed most and is pleased from all customers.
  • 07. Pride for work
  • We have awareness as a professional in food distribution and act with "top priority for safe food" as top priority.
  • 08. Autonomy and growth
  • We always have a goal, keep on challenging with enthusiasm without fear of failure, we strive for our own growth and company development.
  • 09. Family happiness and smile
  • We will refine human power through work and protect our family's happiness and smile.
  • 10. Corporate management attitude
  • We will be the best in employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction and will make everyone involved in the Martaque group happy.
  • 11. Contribution to society
  • The Marutake Transport Group aims to become a company that is needed by contributing to the local community.