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About Marutake

Company's outline and establishment, management policy etc.


CSR - To fulfill corporate social responsibility

Safety management

Photo of Safety management

Efforts to reduce traffic accidents and troubles such as lecture on road traffic law by inviting police officers, instruction on practical skills, educational practice at specialized facilities.

  • Practical training in a dedicated facility
  • Periodic practical lessons such as lecture classes to learn road traffic law · driving manner at specialized educational institutions such as Saitama Truck Comprehensive Education Center, running tests on the course and operations at emergency are conducted regularly and the consciousness of the whole driver We are trying to raise the skill level.
  • Invited police OB
  • We invited police officers OB from the Saitama Prefectural Police Department in the Safety Division Division (three employees by fiscal 2018), patrolled all office locations as full-time employees, interviewed drivers, educated and lectured. We provide advice in a wide range of ways, from driving skills to legal knowledge and transportation.
  • Introduction of advanced equipment
  • Drive recorder installed in all vehicles possessed. It not only enhances driver's awareness of safe driving, but also helps proper post-treatment and prompt resolution even if accident happens by accident. Others New cars that began to be delivered at each office in FY2010 are equipped with advanced safety equipment such as emergency automatic brake assist (pre-crash safety system), inter-vehicle distance alarm system (New Safety Eye), lane departure warning system , Reducing the burden on the driver · The effect of reducing the danger in emergency has been further improved.

Environmental protection

Initiatives aimed at environmental preservation, such as reduction of toxic exhaust gas, thorough eco drive to reduce gasoline usage fee which is limited resource.

Photo of Environmental protection
  • Reduction of hazardous emissions
  • DPR (Diesel Particulate Filter - exhaust gas purification device, * vehicles equipped with DPD is also available) is installed in the vehicle under operation. We remove toxic substances from the exhaust gas discharged from the muffler, and we are trying to emit clean gas that suppresses environmental destruction.
  • Eco drive · Pursuit of fuel economy
  • Amid the worldwide eco promotion orientation, we are pursuing thorough eco-driving and fuel-efficient driving aiming to reduce gasoline usage fee and toxic exhaust emissions based on it, even in Marutake Transport. Regarding driving technology, it prevents sudden departure, sudden braking, etc. which cause fuel consumption deterioration as much as possible, and analyzes operation data that can be acquired from all the vehicle's drive recorder at the sales headquarters. We are grasping points of deterioration of fuel economy and conduct activities aimed at improvement on a daily basis.

Social contributions

Photo of Social contributions

Beautification Cleanup / promotion of greening in the company, sponsorship and sponsorship initiatives aimed at contributing to the local community.

  • Cleaning / Cleaning Activities
  • On a daily basis, we conduct clean-up activities such as cleaning, garbage picking, etc. not only within the company premises such as offices, parking lots but also around the premises. We also separate resource waste such as plastics, bottles, cans and aim to recycle resources.
  • Promotion of greening
  • Establish a plantation on the premises of the headquarters and cultivate vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, peanuts, pumpkins, gourds, fruits such as strawberries, watermelons, melons, grapes, tulips, sunflowers, lilies, roses, and rose garden plants I will. In the future, we plan to further develop lawn and grass flowers at each branch office.
  • Sponsorship / sponsorship activities
  • Racing team BMW Team Studie is participating in Blancpain GT Asia (Super GT till 2017) with the aim of improving brand image, corporate value and brand image and cooperation with the base area Sponsor, Basketball League at Professional Basketball League Saitama Broncos is an official partner I am sponsoring it while being very powerful.

Improvement of labor environment

Reduction of overtime hours, salary system according to skills and experience, paid leave system, female success promotion activities and other efforts to improve the working environment of employees.

Photo of Improvement of labor environment
  • Reduction of overtime hours
  • Delivery work is influenced by road conditions, strict management of working hours is difficult as compared with office work etc, reduction of overtime hours is a challenge. In Marutake Transport, we are proposing short-time work as well as grasping and controlling systematic working hours, in order to systematically reduce overtime hours.
  • Paid holidays
  • We will thoroughly manage working hours, holidays, and days in order to reliably digest certain paid leave days defined by the Labor Basic Law.
  • Promote female success
  • Although the female employee ratio is still low in the transportation industry, we will implement a childcare leave system, qualification acquisition support system, sexual harassment countermeasures etc., aiming for a workplace environment that is more comfortable for more women.