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About Marutake

Company's outline and establishment, management policy etc.


President and CEO Takeda Isao

Currently, we own 224 vehicles (as of end March 2019), and we have come to establish operation bases in Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Inaraki, and Gunmakers in the Kanto region, and as for the eastern sea region, in Shizuoka.

As we started off delivering ingredients, delivering frozen and refrigerated goods has become a higher priority. We earnestly take on the reformation of logistics, respecting compliance regarding transport quality and completely absorbing the outsourcing that our clients ask for in the process.

Image of Takeda Isao as President and CEO

As for our company policy, with "prioritize our customers' needs" as our motto, we aim to provide an abundance of value added services that the current era demands in global logistics, proceed in the reformation and reconstruction of logistics structures, actively develop high quality logistics tasks, and continue to nurture "bonds of trust" with our customers.

In addition, we endeavor to grasp everyday information such as wide variety of services, small quantity logistics, warehouse management, and task diagnosis, develop transport logistics more appropriate for our customers' needs, and continue to instill safe driving habits in all our drivers.

  • President and CEO
  • Takeda Isao
  • History:
  • After graduating from university, entered a major alcohol brewing company and conducted business and sales in various regions of Japan. Entered Marutake Transport Inc. in 2008. After becoming a managing director, took on the post of representative director and CEO in 2012.