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About Marutake

Company's outline and establishment, management policy etc.


Founding - 1990s


A small step taken by a single bakery craftsman.

Photo of Takeda Shoji Co., Ltd.

▲ The predecessor of Marutake Transport Inc., the time of its founding at Takeda Shoji Co., Ltd.

April 1968
Established Takeda Shoji Co., Ltd. (Soka City, Saitama Prefecture) by founder · Takeda Zenko in April 1968, start transportation of bread and other food items.


The current Marutake Transport Inc. is born.

February 1972 Changed the shop name to Marutake Transport Inc.
Developing moving business and transportation business in 5 business areas of Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi.
May 1980 Opened the Tokorozawa office.
June 1988 Established MT Auto Service Inc., affiliated company. (Vehicle maintenance and sales)
November 1988 Established affiliate Earnest Cargo Inc. (Transportation business)
March 1995 Machida sales office opened.
May 1997 Opened the Kumagaya branch office, with a storage warehouse in the premises.
(Storage warehouse · 180 tsubo, frozen warehouse · 10 tsubo, refrigerated warehouse · 20 tsubo)

2000 - 2016

September 2001 Opened the Mito office.
February 2002 Opened the Maebashi office.
December 2004 Opened the Fuji office.
February 2006 Opened the Fukaya office.
June 2007 Opened the Ayase office.
April 2008 Opened the Tama office.
February 2010 With the relocation of Frozen Tokorozawa Sales Office, Tama Frozen Office opened.


Representative change, a period of turbulence that greeted with a new system.

April 2012 Takeda Isao The modern table took on the position of Representative Director and President (Chief Executive Officer).
September 2012 Due to a decline in needs, we finished sales of complex dining facilities "Matsuri Yatai Bayashi". Construction of the Komeda coffee shop / Sōka store started on the site.
April 2013 We built an in-house network connecting all offices and sales offices with a VPN network.
May 2015 Opened the Ebina office.
March 2016 Renovation of head office building.
April 2016 In order to achieve traffic accidents and troubleshooting, we will welcome the former Saitama Prefectural Police Department Chief Investigator as an employee.
May 2016 Opened the Fujisawa office.

2017 -


In the year of "CHANGE", the new-born Maruake Transport started.

February 2017 ▲ Radio CM development with NACK 5 (Hino Sales Office · Driver Wanted Edition).
April 2017 Began the "re branding project" that also serves as a brand recognition and image strategy. Logo mark, signboard, vehicle design, business card, novelty goods etc. are renewed.
Credo (action guidelines / norms collection for sharing management philosophy, vision etc) introduced.
Started operation of intranet (in-house social service).
Sponsored as an official sponsor for sake ceremony "CRAFT SAKE WEEK" held at Roppongi Hills, transportation of products exhibited and provision of refrigeration vehicles.
May 2017 Along with the relocation of the Tama / Tama Frozen Sales Office, we opened the Hino Chilled Office / Hino Frozen Sales Office, to the new flagship base of CVS operations.
Web site renewal.
June 2017 ▲ Distribution of amulets began for all employees.
October 2017 Started making promotional videos, opening a dedicated channel on YouTube.
November 2017 By integration of center operations, the Ebina office closes.
February 2018 Started "Female Aggressive Employment Project", introduction of sexual harassment training, change of uniforms, review of treatment, etc. We began work to make women workable.
March 2018 Delivery of newly designed vehicles began, and operation started at some branch offices.