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About Marutake

Company's outline and establishment, management policy etc.


Corporate philosophy

"Dedicating ourselves to both the happiness of all of our employees and the development of society."

Our mission

"Providing a food and goods lifeline."

Purpose of management

"To make employees happy"
"Contributing to society through work"
"Doing a work of altruism"

Management policy

Marutake Transport Inc. Is a company that promotes corporate value, creates new business models, creates three business principles (on-site, in-kind, reality), CSR (corporate social responsibility), work-life balance, Focusing on management that takes into consideration the "Medium-Term Management Plan".

In addition, we will comply with our management philosophy, comply with our compliance, contribute to the realization of a better society by offering each employee's behavior and various new services, aim to become a company that is supported and needed by society.

Basic policy making up management policy

  • Based on the management philosophy of pursuing the happiness of all employees, we constantly listen to the opinions of employees and continue to challenge to improve satisfaction at the workplace and trust in the company.
  • Based on the spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity, improve sales and secure operating profit.
  • Regarding safety activities and environmental measures, we regard zero accident violation, exhaust gas regulation, global warming countermeasure as contribution to the social environment, reaffirm that it is the most important matter, plan and implement.
  • Each employee always anticipates changes and develops the climate and internal environment of the new Maltese Group based on "a bold idea and a courageous challenge spirit that is not bound by stereotypes".
  • Effectively utilize management resources through the creation of internal network system.

We will further promote measures in line with these five basic policies and establish initiatives that are unique to the company.

Management philosophy · Three pillars

  • 『Improve』 personality and hone yourself through humanity work
  • 『Sociality』 To make people happy, useful, pleasing, appreciated by people
  • 『Economic』 efficiency Pursuit of profit to fair and direct, profit is expenses for continuation