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Conserve the Environment

Regional cleaning and tree planting activities.

Ecological Drive.

Purpose and necessity of eco driving

Eco drive is to drive the car in consideration of the environment in order to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) which is one of the factors of global warming and the exhaust gas of automobiles which is one cause of air pollution.

Approach to thorough eco drive

We have been participating in the eco-drive training held at Hino Motor's training facility "Customer Technical Center" built at the Hamura Plant regularly from 2007. As of April 2016, More than 150 people have already attended.

This eco-drive course is certified as conformity to "Eco-Drive Course Curriculum Standard" specified by the Traffic Ecology and Mobility Foundation promoting the spread of eco-drive. In addition to learning the necessity of ecological driving and points of improvement in fuel economy in the classroom, the training content can teach all the participants by professional lecturers one to one.

First of all, the lecturer will take a passenger seat and run a special course a few laps. At that time, the lecturer is confirming the present driving of the participants, and you can instruct the point easily how to improve fuel economy afterwards.

In addition, the fuel consumption measurement machine is attached to the vehicle running the course, the difference between the fuel consumption before improvement and after improvement is come out as a numerical value, and how much fuel consumption improves before your own course and after the course You could tell me that it was done. Besides that, there are various facilities such as a checking experience on a vehicle inspection truck and a drunken experience, and you can learn while enjoying it.