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Conserve the Environment

Regional cleaning and tree planting activities.

Green Management

What is Green Management Certification?

Logo of Green management mark

▲ Green management mark

The Green Management Certification means that the Traffic Ecology and Mobility Foundation becomes the certification body, and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the All Japan Truck Association, the Japan Bus Association, and the National Federation of Passenger Vehicles Association, We are certifying and registering for business operators who are doing more than a certain level of efforts based on the promotion manual after review.

Aim of green management certification

The certification objectively prove and announce the efforts of the company's environmental improvement based on the Green Management Promotion Manual to promote motivation for the effort and also to promote understanding and cooperation of society and users for certification business operators It is a system to lead to reduction of environmental burden in the transportation industry.

Image of Registration certificate acquired by Marutake Transport Inc.

▲ Registration certificate acquired by Marutake Transport Inc.

Our efforts

In order to prevent serious air pollution and global warming, we recognize promoting environmental conservation activities as one of the corporate social responsibilities, reduce the environmental burden resulting from the business activities of providing transport services I will continue.

  • ① We will comply with laws and regulations and endeavor to preserve the environment
  • ② Promote energy conservation campaign such as eco drive
  • ③ We will conduct education on environmental conservation and educational activities
  • ④ We promote proper disposal of waste, recycling
  • ⑤ This policy will be widely disseminated outside the company