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Logistics Service

Efficient work and low-cost delivery logic.


Joint delivery network

Collaborative delivery means that two or more shippers collaborate on the same transportation truck to outsource the delivery of goods. Manufacturers and wholesalers will be delivering to the same delivery destination, there are many joint delivery companies that narrowed down their industries by cheaper costs when shipping jointly.

Image of Delivery items picked up in the factory

▲ Delivery items picked up in the factory

By reducing the absolute number of delivery vehicles, it is possible to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases and harmful gases, and certain effects can be expected also for environmental preservation, so Marthaque Transportation reviews the customer 's request and delivery schedule carefully , We actively carry out joint delivery.

In case of sample case

  • Industry    :Pickles
  • Delivery place :Mass retailers nationwide · Regional supermarkets · wholesalers etc. 300 companies
  • Sales      :5 billion yen
The mechanism of joint delivery

From extracting to correcting tasks

Content of the assignment Improvement measures taken by us Effects that could be confirmed
① Increase of transportation expenses ①② Bulk delivery management ① Transportation expenses shipping by 20%
② Transportation quality level is not constant ② Standardization of transportation quality level
③ Wave of transport volume is large ③ Promote shared with the same industry ③ Load efficiency UP
④ Limit of distribution network expansion ④ Use of Maltese National Delivery Network ④ Expand business scope