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Save the Safety

Efforts to reduce traffic accidents and delivery troubles.

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Necessity of advanced safety equipment

Our company is committed to giving top priority to safe operation, we are making efforts to improve safety, security, eco-efficient workplace environment progressively, thoroughly concentrate management of running conditions, and to set up an environment that is easy to work with peace of mind We are putting in place a complete support system to improve the quality of service.

At our base office, we introduce "Internet digital tachograph" which watches the traffic situation and the safety of the vehicle in real time, "Drive recorder" prepared in case of emergency accident, "back eye camera" to prevent accident at the time of backwards to all vehicles doing.

Network type digital tachograph

Image of Digital tachograph DTG-7

▲ Digital tachograph DTG-7

Image of Administrative screen displaying information from digital cigars

▲ Administrative screen displaying information from digital cigars

A network type digital tachograph (digital tachograph) is an in-vehicle device for aggregating, managing and analyzing vehicle operation data in a data center in real time.

Yazaki Energy Systems Co., Ltd.'s hybrid digital tachograph DTG-7 is installed in all vehicles, and centralized management of various data such as operation status and troubles checking in the business base at the base makes the efficiency of labor management more efficient , Accurately managing the operation time to suppress overwork operation, even if there is abnormal running such as small trouble or excess speed, even if there is abnormal running, sharing information as soon as possible and checking with the driver to reduce the risk of accidents High quality It is essential to use digital cigarette in order to provide the service.

Back eye camera

Vehicles with loading platforms such as trucks tend to narrow backward vision by all means compared to general cars. Although we strive to visually check the periphery of the vehicle when retreating from the pre-operation / stop state, we installed a back eye camera on all the vehicles to reduce further accidents, and together with confirmation from outside the mirror and driver's seat We routinely retreat while checking with a monitor installed inside.

Image of Camera installed in the rear of the vehicle and interior monitor

▲ Camera installed in the rear of the vehicle and interior monitor

Drive recorder

Image of Video recorded with drive recorder

▲ Video recorded with drive recorder

Traffic accidents and troubles on the road in transportation industry are issues that must be prevented as much as possible and efforts for that are the most prominent proposition, but even if the level is improved by daily training and safety education etc., It can not be prevented. If there is a traffic accident or a trouble, if there is a drive recorder, it helps confirm the situation and smooth solution.

We have a drive recorder linked with the above hybrid type digicaco on all vehicles and we are working to alleviate troubles in emergency situations and the driver's burden.