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Save the Safety

Efforts to reduce traffic accidents and delivery troubles.

Articles Article on traffic safety

G-mark Acquired

About G mark

  • The G Mark (Freight Car Transportation Business Safety Assessment Project) aims to make it easier for users to select businesses with higher safety and to increase the awareness of safety improvement of the entire business operator, It is a system that appraises and announces it rightly.

    Issuance of the G mark is carried out by the All Japan Truck Association, a public-interest corporation that is the executing agency of the nationwide freight car transportation optimization project, and is limited to cases where the standards for traffic safety measures etc. of trucking carriers are cleared on a business unit basis I will. As of December 14, 2014, there are 24,482 business sites with safety accreditation that are accredited, accounting for 28.9% of the total number of business establishments.

Acquired base / sales office

  • Fuji Office( Acquisition: 2010 )

  • Soka Office( Acquisition: 2011 )

  • Mito Office( Acquisition: 2011 )

  • Tokorozawa Office( Acquisition: 2011 )

  • Kumagaya Office( Acquisition: 2011 )

  • Mebashi Office( Acquisition: 2011 )

  • Hino Office( Acquisition: 2011 )

  • Fujisawa Office( Acquisition: Applying )

  • Machida Office( Acquisition: Applying )