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Save the Safety

Efforts to reduce traffic accidents and delivery troubles.

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Safety Management

About efforts on transport safety management

To ensure the safety of transportation, Marutake Transport Inc. Will strive to work together as stated below.

Basic policy on transport safety

President and CEO deeply recognizes that ensuring transport safety is the foundation of business management and plays a leading role in ensuring transport safety within the company. We also take the voice regarding safety assiduity seriously and fully emphasize all employees that securing transportation is the most important, taking full consideration of the situation at the site.

By ensuring the planning, implementation, confirmation and improvement (Plan, Do, Check, Act) of transportation safety plans, safety measures are taken constantly and all employees carry out operations as a whole By doing so, we will continually strive to improve the safety of transportation.

Also, we will actively disclose information on transport safety.

Safety policy

"Safety driving without traffic accidents or violations is a crucial mission for our company's social contribution"

Traffic safety goals and achievement status

  • (1)Fiscal 2019 target
  • 1.No serious accident
  • 2.Zero collision accident
  • (2)Achievement status against the 2018 target
  • 1.No serious accident ⇒ There were 0 serious accidents in fiscal 2018, and we achieved our target.
  • 2.Zero collision accident ⇒ There was only one rear-end accident in 2018 and we were not able to achieve our goal.

Statistics on accidents prescribed in Article 2 of Automobile Accident Reporting Rules

Fatal Accidents of Fiscal Year 2018: 0

Important measures concerning transport safety

  • (1)We strictly adhere to the importance that ensuring transport safety is the most important and will comply with the matters stipulated in relevant laws and regulations and safety management regulations.
  • (2)We will endeavor to actively and efficiently make expenditure and investment for the safety of transportation.
  • (3)We will establish a liaison system for information on transportation safety and will communicate and share necessary information within the company.
  • (4)Regarding education concerning transportation safety, we will formulate concrete plans and make sure of this.

Plan for transport safety

  • (1)Education for managers and drivers
  • Educate systematically from the manager to the driver yearly, to further improve individual level.
  • (2)Companywide simultaneous safety campaign
  • We will conduct a company-wide simultaneous safety campaign once every four months (May, September, January) to improve safety awareness. At the same time, we will conduct training using actual vehicles to improve our technical capabilities.
  • (3)Education of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Notification No.1366
  • We will do the education of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Notification No. 1366 systematically on an annual basis.
  • (4)Diagnosis of driving aptitude
  • Using Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance's inspection machine "Access Checker", the driver will grasp the driver's aptitude and the guidance will be given by the administrator.
  • (5)Health care
  • Based on the results of regular health checkups, the administrator grasps the individual health condition and takes care to ensure that the driver can operate safely.
  • (6)Operation record certificate
  • We obtain certificates of driving records of all drivers every year and guidance by administrator.
  • (7)Approach to safety assessment project (G mark)
  • We will continue to work on "compliance with laws and regulations on safety", "accidents and violations" and "efforts on safety" evaluated by the executing agency of the nationwide freight car transportation optimization aiming for a safer office.
  • (8)Promotion of green management
  • We will receive certification of green management from the Traffic Ecology and Mobility Foundation and work on safety including environmental measures.

Outline of Initiatives

Based on the Notification No.1366 (Guidance and Supervision Guidelines) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, Marutake Transport Inc. conducts the following education systematically。

Education of 12 items

  • ① Be prepared for driving a truck
  • ② Basic matters to be observed in order to ensure the safety of truck operation
  • ③ Structural characteristics of track
  • ④ Correct loading method of cargo
  • ⑤ Risk of overloading
  • ⑥ Items to keep in mind when transporting dangerous goods
  • ⑦ Proper operation route and road and traffic situation in the route
  • ⑧ Prediction and avoidance of hazards
  • ⑨ Safe driving according to driver's suitability
  • ⑩ Physiological and psychological factors of drivers related to traffic accidents and countermeasures to these
  • ⑪ Importance of health management
  • ⑫ Appropriate operation method for business vehicles equipped with equipment for improving safety

Appropriate diagnosis consultation

  • Initial Diagnosis
  • Drivers who newly joined the company are eligible. From now on, I will learn about psychological and physiological characteristics necessary for safe driving as a professional driver.
  • Age diagnosis
  • Drivers who are 65 years of age are eligible.
    Based on the result of the diagnosis, you will be able to recognize the influence of changes in physical function due to aging on your own, and help to prevent accidents.
  • Specific diagnosis
  • Those who caused a traffic accident are eligible.
    We will give advice on driving necessary to prevent the recurrence of traffic accidents based on the situation at the actual occurrence of a traffic accident.

Implementation of special guidance

  • Special guidance for initial driver
  • Learn the fundamental things about safe driving, characteristics unique to trucks, care about avoiding traffic accidents, points to predict danger, etc. and learn the basics as a professional driver.
  • Elderly driver
  • Based on the result of age diagnosis, we will learn about safe driving method according to change of physical ability.
  • Accident-triggered driver
  • For those who caused the accident, we will learn laws on securing safety, analyze accidents to prevent recurrence, and cope with accidents to prevent accidents beforehand.

Grasp accident history

  • ・Operation record certificate
  • We will acquire a driving history and will guide you on accident prevention based on the contents.