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Save the Safety

Efforts to reduce traffic accidents and delivery troubles.

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Outline of practical training

Marutake Transport Inc. periodically carries out the following practical training to improve the driving skills and is working on eradicating accidents.

Blind spot countermeasure training

By learning how much blind spots are in your track, you learn "what dangers are hidden" and what kind of confirmation must be done to reduce accidents at blind spots.

Vehicle sensory training

  • ① Vehicle size
  • A track with a larger width, length, and height than a passenger car. Learn from the driver's seat where you are located on the left side, where you are behind your car, how much it is different from passenger cars, with your head and body.
  • ② Inner ring difference
  • When the truck turns right or left, the rear wheels pass inside the front wheel. When you are in charge of a right or left turn, you learn how far the rear wheel passes.
  • ③ Overhang
  • The truck protrudes behind the rear wheel than the rear wheel. When turning to the right or left, this protruding is overhanging so much that it protrudes to the outside. I will learn how much overhang there is for the car in charge.

Back parking training

Image of Back parking training

▲ Back parking training scenery

Back parking that must be done absolutely when loading or delivering. In order to prevent accidents from occurring, you learn what procedure, and where to check backwards.

Room monitor training

Today it is a very convenient room monitor that is also mounted on passenger cars. However, such a back monitor has some weaknesses as well. In this training you will learn the weaknesses and learn what you need to be careful about.

Image of Room monitor training scenery

▲ Room monitor training scenery

Inter-vehicle distance training

I will learn how much distance you should take between running and stopping and why that distance. If the distance between vehicles stopped is short, we will also learn how much influence it has on the surroundings.

Chain detachment training

Basically almost all vehicles wear studless tires in winter. However, there are times when the heavy snow is not enough with studless tires alone. In preparation for such a case, we are carrying out chain detachment training every year.